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  •  Good Morning, Tuesday (19+ / 0-)

    Cheers to C&J, BiPM and all here.

    Jeers to recalcitrant printers.  I rarely actually print anything with my printer nowadays; mostly, I scan documents, and with little trouble. Years of having to wrangle printers into submission before I can actually get them to print a document makes me glad of that.  

    I just wanted to print one of those forms supplied by UPS that allows you to pre-sign for an impending package arrival.

    Jeers that it may prove easier to work in the kitchen that day, where the windows look out onto the front doorstep, and wait for the delivery so I can sign for the package.  Lots of cook-ahead, bake-ahead projects to load up the freezer?

    Or, a good day to really deep clean that kitchen.  Say it ain’t so.

    Jeers to getting down to doing taxes.  It’s not the fact itself of paying taxes — as many on this site have pointed out, that’s the price we pay for civilization as we would like to see it — nearly as much as the wretched detail that has to be gone into, with attendant documentation.

    My CPA sends his clients a ‘made easy’ intake form. This helps. I’m fine with numbers, and I have a reasonable command of the English language. But I don’t speak tax, tax legislation, or financial very well, so deciphering what is being got at is the first step. Next is figuring which documents or receipts may contain relevant information, and putting the result into the form that is wanted.
    Last but not least is keeping my documents organized the whole time.

    Good thing I don’t have to print any of them.

    The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily.  That is what Fiction means. Oscar Wilde

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