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  •  Yes, I've seen them... (1+ / 0-)
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    and they almost all turn out to be distorted or bogus.  "Bette in Spokane" is a good example - she was an Obama-hater who never even looked to see what she could get on the exchanges.  I have yet to see a verified story, backed up by real facts, of someone who has been significantly harmed by the ACA.  

    In order to even determine the validity of such a story you would need all the facts.  Specifically, you would need to know the exact details of the supposedly great coverage that they lost - all the fine print:  did it have yearly or lifetime limits, major exclusions, etc.   Then you would have to determine what was available to this person as a replacement.  Without those facts, it's impossible to determine whether someone was truly harmed.  

    People who want to hate Obamacare (or just Obama) will see these stories in the worst possible light, of course, but they tend to fall apart when you take an objective look.  

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