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View Diary: Delusional Democrats and Market Fundamentalism (230 comments)

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  •  It reminds me of Ned Lamont's 2006 adds CT-SEN (2+ / 0-)
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    Keep driving the car into the wall, and expecting that this next time it will actually work without causing an accident.

    The number of successful deregulations over the past 40 years has been alarmingly few.  Railroads, yes, because the previous regulatory structure imposed rate structures and other rules that pretty much forced a bottom-feeding strategy on the industry, but that deregulation should have been done 40 years earlier than it was.  Other than that, even with a fresh cup of coffee in me this morning, I'm struggling to think of one.  Glass-Steagall dismantling?  A disaster.  Airline deregulation?  Massive over-investment in hub airports that cities and airline travelers will be paying the piper on for decades.  Bus deregulation?  The end of rural public transport in America.  Elevating shareholders above all others in rules on corporate governance?  Elevating the narrow interest over the broad one.  And the list goes on.  And yet all of these had very significant support from Democrats.

    It all adds up to a sense that the Democrats are simply city slickers that are alien to folks like "you and me".  At least in the 1940s, said "city slickers" (e.g. President Roosevelt) clearly got working class and rural economics.  This lot sometimes gives the impression that they think milk comes out of a test tube, or, more seriously, that they think there's nothing too seriously wrong with non-union, OSHA-violation-ridden $20/hr forced overtime jobs replacing unionized, properly scheduled, safe, $25 an hour ones.  Or that $10/hr unskilled work is a viable alternative to either of the above on which to support a family.

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