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  •  2 bad laws. Averaged out to good punishment of Dun (1+ / 0-)
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    white blitz

    I find it ridiculous that a person gets more jail time in FL for reckless shooting towards a fleeing van where fortunately none of the three others were injured than actually killing someone if you get less than 1st degree murder.
    Marissa Alexander got 20 years for one reckless but not unwarranted warning shot.

    Yet this guy could have walked if he was careful enough to stop after 3 shots.


    Sure, even if the intent is the same, I don't agree the punishment shold be just as harsh for attempted murder. Take the missed lucky shot as a sign to give the offender a second chance if that is all that happened and no one got murdered. You don't put away a DUI driver who crashed into a curb to a term anywhere close to one for a guy who ran into a human being while drunk.

    I am glad the second set of bad laws is giving Dunn his just due. But two bad laws is not a consolation to me going forward. SYG is a bad law. And this kind of 60 years for shooting at a fleeing van without any discretion is just bad law.

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