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View Diary: Extend Unemployment Assistance by Cutting the War Budget (7 comments)

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    Most of the troops who are now there are going to come out in any scenario. There are two key questions hanging fire about troop levels:
    1) how many troops will be there after December 31, 2014, if any; and
    2) how fast will troops be drawn down in 2014 to their December 31, 2014 level.

    Thus, there are two ways to save money by pulling out more troops at a faster pace than the Pentagon wants:

    1) leave essentially zero troops in the country after December 31, 2014
    2) pull troops out faster in 2014.

    We could, indeed, pull 12,000 troops out and keep them out.

    Pulling troops out during a drawdown does not lead to those left behind being killed. Look at the stats on What happens during the drawdown is that US troops are leaving the most dangerous parts of the country, and those left behind are engaging in much less combat.


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