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  •  IF Hillary decides to run, it will be (4+ / 0-)
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    because that woman has the strongest sense of duty I've ever seen in my life time.  She's right up there with Eleanor Roosevelt, which is understandable since ER was the person she's modeled herself on.  What she also has is just about the strongest sense of loyalty of any one I've ever seen in my life time.  This is why the only way we will know just how "neoliberal" she might be is to elect her - she supported the policies of her presidents who both happened to be neoliberals.  

    But just one the off-chance that the "neoliberal" was support of her presidents, please consider:  she was registering voters in the Rio Grande Valley right out of college, created the legal clinic while at the University of AR, did her dead-level best as first lady of AR to get AR education up to a standard that would allow AR high school graduates to actually qualify for out-of-state colleges and as FLOTUS tried to get healthcare reform in 1993 (only fatally postponing it at Bill's request).  Her voting scores were in the top 20 most liberal according the VoteSmart while she was in the Senate and she did a very good job of getting the rest of the world to give the U.S. another chance as SoS.


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