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View Diary: Governor Christie's offices denies he ever talked to PAPD Lieutenant about GWB lane closures (118 comments)

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  •  But isn't there still a question of how did (2+ / 0-)
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    a2nite, HoundDog

    Chip and Wildstein hook up?

    The NYNJPA is a very large organization with lots of employees.
    So how did Wildstein end up with a public school buddy of Christie's as his driver?

    Was Wildstein also public school chums with Chip, to the extent that they had stayed in touch for something like 20 years?

    And why did Wildstein, who got the cook's tour of traffic in Fort Lee on Monday morning, not realize that the commuters coming through Fort Lee to the bridge were being hugely punished from what ever point Wildstein had the lanes shut down?

    The plot was not longer a secret, it was a reality for thousands of people and probably somebody was going to want to find out what the hell was causing the problem, and who ordered it, and why.

    That's kind of a "Duh.  Of course they are."

    •  Chip was Christie's (1+ / 0-)
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      appointee, to be chief of PA police for the NJ side of things.

      Regardless of whether Christie communicated with the guy during Bridgegate, this story makes one thing ever more clear:

      The PA was a big big deal for Christie.  From the chairman (Samson), to the executives and enforcers (Baroni/Wildstein) to the general counsel's office (Kwon), and now we learn, all the way down to the PA police, Christie made sure all the NJ offices were filled with his most loyal allies and lieutenants

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