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  •  Nice view of the positive side (28+ / 0-)

    I read a diary here on dKos--and I apologize to the author for not remembering details like names--that really moved me.

    The diarists (or maybe commenter) worked with a man who was well over sixty-five, and who contributed greatly to the company, but at great personal cost, as he was not well.

    But he still showed up for work because his wife, who was in her fifties, had a pre-existing condition. Her insurance came from his employment, so he couldn't leave, not even after sixty-five. He didn't live long enough to see ACA come into force.

    And your diary also reminds us of the good that will come out of people being able to choose when they leave, before sixty-five, opening up a couple of much sought-after positions. The forty-somethings who get your jobs leave positions that will open up for the twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings below them in the hierarchy.

    •  pffffft (0+ / 0-)

      I disqualified for ALL options, including medicaid. I am stuck, bu law to my junk plan, which Blue Cross cancelled. They gave me the "option"--get it?--option--of buying their worse junk plan---more expensive, with $13,500 in deductibles. I have no way out, except to drop dead. I have never been so screwed or disappointed in my life. it pays to be lucky, doesn't it? No choice for me.

      •  Were you responding to my comment? (1+ / 0-)
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        Cardinal Fang

        I'm not seeing the connection between your comment and mine.

        For what its worth, I want to see nobody at all in your situation--not you, or anyone else.

        I'm happy for every person who has a better situation than what you describe--and I want you to be in that same better situation, too.

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