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  •  We had a Department of War until after WWII (0+ / 0-)

    which was the last legally DECLARED war in our history.

    During the Cold War era, the theory was that we would keep the "peace" by deterring the Soviets, so it would not be seemly to call it a Department of War when they never expected to fight another "war" (at least not for more than the 90 minutes it would take to destroy the planet, and of course, hopefully not that one).

    Of course, we managed to avoid fighting a "real war" by calling one of them a "police action" undertaken by the United Nations (when the Soviet delegate to the Security Council was taking a bathroom break; just kidding, but he wasn't there for the vote), although anyone who fought in it would say that the Korean War was a "real war."

    After that stalemate (and as we have recently been reminded, that war NEVER ENDED; it is just in a truce right now), our Presidents of both parties stopped asking Congress to "declare war," just to "authorize the use of military force."  After the use of military force has already started, in most cases.  So, with all the military adventures the U.S. has had, big ones like Vietnam and Afghanistan and little ones like Grenada and Panama, none of them has been a "war," and so we no longer have a Department of War, only a Department of Defense.  And we've been "defending" our country all over the world, except in our own territory.

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