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View Diary: Evil Scientist Kidnaps Young Woman (192 comments)

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  •  "Young Women" for a statistical cause (12+ / 0-)

    For whatever reason, women get fibroymyalgia and associated complexes at a rate much higher than men, so we can't necessarily impute misogyny or the great white father to the incidence of male doctors and female patients in disputes. Whatever is going on in fibromyalgia and its associated complexes, it's not known, and we should all be saved from any expert with too certain an opinion. (This includes the pharma treatments, where "Lyrica is believed to aid by __.")

    Everyone's innocent of some crime.

    by The Geogre on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 06:13:35 AM PST

    •  You are right (6+ / 0-)

      I still have strong suspicions regarding the psychological health of these doctors.


      •  so are any of these young women past strep (2+ / 0-)
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        suzq, DFWmom

        infection patients? There's actual science documenting the side / complicating effects of Strep, even if it ain't MRSA (and if you're not scared of MRSA -- you ought to be).

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        by BlackSheep1 on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 07:47:27 AM PST

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    •  The problem is that (8+ / 0-)

      these people live or die (professionally) by what they publish, and what they publish is constrained by what data they can produce.

      There is tremendous pressure on them to 'find' the data that supports their conclusion.  If this doctor turns out to be completely full of shit and manipulating his subjects to produce the data he wants, he wouldn't be the first. And if a bunch of his guinea pigs end up committing suicide as a result, that wouldn't be a first either.

      190 milliseconds....

      by Kingsmeg on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 06:53:29 AM PST

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      •  I came across DFWmom's first PubMed (5+ / 0-)

        link when I was over there trying to get to the root of my incessant neuropathy and recent splitting headaches. I don't remember what I had in the search box--probably neuropathy, superoxides, lipid phophorylation or something. Most of the stuff that hits pubmed strikes me as rock solid research. There's a lot of people out there who are gradually chipping away at all sorts of biological problems.

        Then there were those two taking the lazy way out.

        Nor does it surprise me that this is two me who are picking on what's mostly a bunch of women. Apparently it never occured to them that women are effected by more immuno- diseases because we need stronger immune systems to bear children.

        It's not the first time this happened. In the late 1800s to the early 1900s neurologists believed the same of MS.

        Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one.--Sam Rayburn

        by Ice Blue on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 09:00:24 AM PST

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    •  Fibromyalgia has gotten some good news lately (20+ / 0-)

      They've identified both the symptomatic cause and the source of the pain associated with it (cause appears to be mis-regulation of the body temperature, source is via the nerves inside blood vessels) although they don't know how those two things actually interact nor do they know the underlying problem that causes the body temp problems.

      At this point, it's very very clear that fibromyalgia is a real disease and not a head-case problem.  

      The Cake is a lie. In Pie there is Truth. ~ Fordmandalay

      by catwho on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 06:55:05 AM PST

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      •  Yeah... (1+ / 0-)
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        Darwinian Detrius

        But, did you read the link about how policy makers are intentionally ignoring good science, and basing decisions on junk science, out of conveneience?

        Real science does not protect us.  

        •  Cutting edge, new science does not immediately (2+ / 0-)
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          Chinton, DFWmom

          But as that science gets more data - and more importantly, more awareness within not just the medical community but also the general public - then it will eventually edge out the bad science.

          Very few people believe that autism is caused by bad parenting, now.  Nobody believes that your tooth decay is caused by little worms chewing holes.  Nobody believes that gout or tuberculosis are caused by an "imbalance of the humors."  Good science wins, but it takes time - and a lot of advocacy.

          Shine the light on the cockroaches and watch them scuttle.

          The Cake is a lie. In Pie there is Truth. ~ Fordmandalay

          by catwho on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 09:28:32 AM PST

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          •  Catwho (4+ / 0-)
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            catwho, Chinton, DFWmom, ozoozol

            I was going to make the same point. And researchers were really surprised to find that the pain of fibromyalgia isn't a nervous system pain issue but a blood vessel pain issue.

            I did a talk on bench to bedside medicine, and several years ago the stats were once a new treatment or procedure was shown to be effective it took 17 years--17!--for it to become widespread in use. My doctor last week told me in private practice it's even worse. I've been following the mammography studies and it's really tough to see good, solid, evidence-based research being denied because people basically don't want to hear it. I can see why it takes 17 years.

            "No one has the right to spend their life without being offended." Philip Pullman

            by zaynabou on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 12:02:01 PM PST

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      •  Catwho, can you provide a link to this? I know (1+ / 0-)
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        folks with fibromyalgia who need all the solid info they can get!


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