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    actually you have the right to escalate the force being used against you to defend yourself.  but what if you cant fight? I am pretty sure I could beat my 64 year old mother. I am a retired boxer, 6'1", 225 lbs, and a male. you suggest that if I started punching her she should only punch me back? I am glad that she has more respect for her life than that and I am glad that she has the option to protect her life with her firearm.

    the reality is that there are bad people in the world.  that isn't going to change. stand your ground didn't apply in the Zimmerman case by the way.  not in any way. regardless Zimmerman had every right to use deadly force when martin attacked him. it is a sad and tragic episode certainly, I don't think anyone would argue that. however, the use of deadly force was justified in that case.  martin attacked Zimmerman and was beating the hell out of him.  but to suggest that stand your ground played any role in that case is ignorant.

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