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View Diary: Yahoo Op-Ed: ROVE WORSE THAN BIN LADEN (16 comments)

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  •  sure (none)
    but even a polemicist should know his limits.
    If you go too far out there, you lose your audience and possibly invite backlash.
    I'm a lifelong liberal who knows how evil Karl Rove is, but the title still made me uncomfortable.  Imagine what it will do to someone who doesn't know who Karl Rove is.
    I don't think you are correct about Republicans not criticizing their own.  It's true that we do it more consistently, but I see that as a good thing.  The only problem is when our politicians start doing it publicly.  That's where the problems start.
    •  I get a kick out of Rall (none)
      Sure, Rall goes overboard a bit, but factually, he seems to be on the mark (certainly more than right-wing polemicists). I like him for the same reason I dig Malloy's radio show: catharsis. But also, Rall and Malloy bring a perspective that you don't frequently see in US mainstream media, which is very much a center-right institution.  

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