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View Diary: VW expansion in the south in danger over labor issues, says works council leader (52 comments)

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    VW did just about all it could to let the workers know it wanted them to unionize so they could set up a works council short of coming right out and saying it.

    So as so many of them were naive enough to listen to Corker and the other rabid, goonish anti-unionistas, it would be poetic justice to see VW send the expansion somewhere else.

    I think Corker and the rest of the TN anti-unionistas are already spinning things for that possibility by stating that AG Metall is "strongarming" VW to go elsewhere.  The sheeple will believe that.  Anyone else who understand how VW actually runs realize that it is, in fact, a joint decision between VW and the union via the works council, so no strongarming is needed on the part of AG Metall.

    The anti-unionistas simply don't understand that it's possible for management and unions to work together as a team without being adversarial, and as such, will never understand VW - or any other German company run via co-determination.  Such cooperation is unfathomable to your average rightwingnut and considered heresy under their dogmatic ideology.

    "There was no such thing as a "wealthy" hunter-gatherer. It is the creation of human society that has allowed the wealthy to become wealthy. As such, they have an obligation to pay a bit more to sustain that society than the not-so-wealthy." - Me

    by Darth Stateworker on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 04:51:39 PM PST

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