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View Diary: ME-Sen Shenna Bellows Endorsed By Major Marijuana Advocacy Groups (7 comments)

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  •  Great news both on SB's outreach & on Mainers' (0+ / 0-)


    In many states it is hard to imagine a campaigner against Marriage Equality giving testimony in favor of ACLU-championed prisoner advocacy and sentencing reform.  Even if a leader's religious principles pointed in both these directions, acting on those principles would be dissuaded by the vicious cycle of polarization and mind-closing.

    This 'Maine difference' suggests that Bellows' many persuasive proposals and critiques,
    assuming she has enough funding-cum-visibility to publicize them,
    will each force Collins to respond in substance,
    rather than merely vilifying them through association. (Of course, in Obama-supporting Maine, it is Collins who has the most to lose by guilt-through-association).

    This gives me even more confidence in the possibility of Bellows winning over Maine's ticket-splitting swing voters, despite their longstanding liking for Collins.

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