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  •  O'Toole is at the heart of this (14+ / 0-)

    He not only served in the coverup, but also in what--imo--is the plot itself.

    The plot:  to threaten to take away Fort Lee's excellent bridge access permanently, probably to blackmail the Hudson Lights developer

    You'll remember that in his first press cf, Christie went out of his way to say that the real outrage was that Fort Lee had three lanes to itself, and he had asked PA Chairman Samson to "look into that" (i.e., he had directed the PA to take those lanes away permanently).

    So, right after Baroni's testimony before the Senate committee (Nov 25), O'Toole published an op ed ranting about the travesty of Fort Lee having three bridge access lanes, and by god, we've got to do something about that.  That piece is still up on his website.

    It is clear from the Wildstein emails that O'Toole was enlisted to lend credence to the cover story--those lane closures? that was an innocent traffic study.  But it is even more damning that he also jumped on the bandwagon of "let's take those lanes away permanently."  That is huge.

    Of course, once it was revealed--beyond any possible spin--that the lane closures had malicious motives, Christie had to back down from the threat.  Sokolich extracted promises when Christie had his mea culpa meeting with him.  Fort Lee's bridge access is, for now at least, safe.

    O'Toole is a big Christie ally and bagman, Rachel had some excellent stuff on that relationship last night.

    •  Yeah, but Samson apologies today (13+ / 0-)

      so everythings OK, Ha!

      NEW YORK — In his first public remarks since being implicated in September's George Washington Bridge lane closures scandal, port authority chairman David Samson apologized to the public on behalf of fellow commissioners.
      Hasn't apologised for this new brouhaha that popped up over the parapet today though...

      Another possible conflict of interest involving Port Authority chairman David Samson has come to light, according to a report on

      While Samson's law firm worked for NJ Transit, he cast a vote authorizing the Port Authority to lease a park-and-ride lot in North Bergen to the transportation agency for $1 a year, the report said.

      Doens't seem to have an end does it.

      We should attack now when they'd least expect it #WarOnChristmas

      by AnnetteK on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 12:12:32 PM PST

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    •  The irony, that is becoming more and more clear (2+ / 0-)
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      agiftagain, a2nite

      is the total political BS by Christie, O'Toole, Baroni. etc of the need for a traffic study.
      Like the PA doesn't do studies on its own, or have other very accurate ways of counting traffic by the number of tolls that are paid or EZ passes each day.

      The stats already existed to prove that the Fort Lee ramp carries 1/4 of the total traffic on the upper deck and that is how many booths it has.

      So the PA Christy appointed Mafia that can't shoot straight either willfully ignored the existing PA stats, or was too stupid to see if they existed, or was responding to their Boss's "sauce."  That makes appearances weigh very heavily on the side of the move being very political.

      My question at this point is, would this act have involved so many people in the plotting stage and the defending stage if it were only to get at Mayor Sokolich.  Especially since the people who suffered weren't the mayor nearly as much as the very innocent commuters and commercial traffic?

      The Christies have continually,made  and still continue to make a big deal of the false idea that those lanes only serve Fort Lee's traffic.  
      So are they that stupid, or that unwilling to research the situation before they act, or is there something larger that makes taking the risk of looking the fool and making thousands of drivers mad at them?

      I still think it is that Christie wanted to "own" the on ramp since access puts the Billion dollar development at risk.  Christie could "sell" the lanes for a lot of IOU's.

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