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View Diary: Acknowledging my ignorance: Public Education of my kids (55 comments)

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  •  It is hard to know (12+ / 0-)

    As a parent, you are in somewhat of a silo. You can see what is happening in your children's schools, but you don't really have anything to compare against.

    I don't personally believe there is a need for homework in kindergarten or substantive homework in the early grades, other than reading at home. The education research does not support the idea that it is useful or beneficial. But it does allow you as the parent to get an idea of what they are doing in class, if nothing else.

    What we have heard in our schools is that through grade 3 is learning to read, and starting in grade 4 is reading to learn. Of course they do some reading to learn before that, but up until about age 8-9 they are still mastering those fundamentals. So what you describe doesn't seem too off of my own experience.

    •  Right (5+ / 0-)

      I agree that homework is over-valued. What I think matters is for people to learn to be self-directed learners.

      The message of homework, to a certain extent, is that we (the school) have total control of your life. I'm not sure that's a great message to be sending young people.

      Giving them time to research things outside class, and write that up, I'm sure is of value. But just extending the teaching day artificially, is probably not the greatest idea.

      Also, students in the U.S. are short on sleep already. As Po Bronson details in one off his recent books, they are short something like an hour of sleep. Probably their homework assignment ought to be to get an extra hour of sleep each night. Imagine how much that would improve education!

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