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View Diary: Single mothers aren't just disproportionately likely to be poor, they're becoming more so (34 comments)

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  •  I have sometimes wondered if there is a place for (1+ / 0-)
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    Carol in San Antonio

    co-operative, voluntary group homes for teenaged mothers - a place where there could be child care during the day to allow the mothers to finish school or to work, the mothers could share some of the daily work of keeping a home going, and there could be an older couple present to help the young mothers learn about the world and how to navigate it. Could a few years in a setting like that help change later outcomes?

    Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? . . . and respect the dignity of every human being.

    by Wee Mama on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 04:23:59 PM PST

    •  Problem being that there (1+ / 0-)
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      Wee Mama

      would be A LOT of these homes this day and age.  But I take your point and like that you are thinking in terms of turn around.

      There is a school for teen moms in Detroit, read about that here:

      The problem being that it is nearly double the per student cost for state/federal funds as a normal student and the enrollent is only about 100 teens where there are lot more teen moms than that in the area.  But at least it is a start and the record looks good.

      Everything points to prevention being the optimal way to go.  I give Obama credit for insisting that birth control be fully covered in the insurance plans now, but just wish we could get our school systems to embrace prevention by way of family planning and sex education.

      1. What does it mean? 2. And then what?

      by alwaysquestion on Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 04:55:03 PM PST

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    •  Yes, those homes exist. (1+ / 0-)
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      Wee Mama

      I know a 16 year old who got pregnant and ended up going there.  It was sponsored by a gathering of the local churches.  She raised her child, finished her schooling, got a job, and raised her daughter.  It's a wonderful example of the churches coming together to make a difference.

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