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View Diary: Single mothers aren't just disproportionately likely to be poor, they're becoming more so (34 comments)

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    It isn't fair that women have the duel role of managing a their families' private domain, as well as being responsible to represent their families in the public domain.  Women are supposed to be breadwinners and caretakers all by themselves.  

    While some women may successfully achieve this, many women fail because their environment is unfavorable to people in their positions.  Women are set up to remain subordinate in our current society.  How can a working, single-mother provide for her family in and environment where women earn only ¾ of what men earn for the same labor, and are also given the added responsibility of caretaker?    

    The unfortunate truth is that the next generation are the ones who are most affected by this gender inequality.  The limited health care and education these low-income mothers are able to provide are often not enough to protect their children from preventable health risks or early pregnancies.  In subordination women, we are really hurting the children of the next generation.  

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