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  •  Forgot to Mention I Was "Push Polled" on Keystone (3+ / 0-)
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    Or whatever you call it when you're asked embarrassingly leading questions.  

    1. Question: Are you concerned about gasoline still being about $3.30 a gallon?
    My response: No

    2. Question: Are you alarmed that the Iranian navy is sending ships to  America's shores and threatening to shut down the straits of Hormuz?
    My response: No.  [Look -- If the Iranians want to use their ships for target practice, I'm sure the US Navy would be happy to oblige.]

    3. Question: Keystone will create thousands of American job and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Can we use your name in support of building the pipeline?
    My response: No

    Then they asked some demographic questions, like my gender age, and whether I had a brain larger than a peanut.

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