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View Diary: The Latest in the New McCarthyism (125 comments)

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  •  It's intended as satire but misfires (none)
    I don't quite agree with the outrage.  It misfires for me because the feel good liberal attitudes don't comport with Zarqawi's terrorist approach.  If Zarqawi were an American it's more likley that he'd be a neo-con.  Instead, I think someone should post an equally satirical piece that equates neo-cons with Zarqawi.

    Just my 2 cents

    •  Misfire? (none)
      By "feel good liberal attitudes," are you referring to Armando's "Fucking pricks. You goosestepping McCarthyites.  Now go cry to momma. You yellow-bellied elephants."? Or x's "Just be a mean ass street fighting mofo to all the wingnuts you encounter.  Since they're so married to fear, make them fear that you will personally rip their heads off & piss down their throats."?


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