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View Diary: Breaking: Chained CPI Dropped from White House Budget (42 comments)

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  •  Did I make it a loss? (1+ / 0-)
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    As accumbens says above, the win is temporary. Cutting Social Security should still be seen as the official White House goal until the White House disavows that goal as being flawed. All we see here is the White House saying, "Republicans won't play ball."

    I'm happy he won't include it in his budget for this year. I care more about the budget that ultimately gets signed into law, however.

    Moreover, given his continued support for weakening the universality of Medicare, the win is partial.

    •  Do you think President Obama loves to stick it to (0+ / 0-)

      the old people and those who are financially vulnerable?

      Barack Obama is one of the few presidents who comes from an ordinary middle class family. I don't think he has forgotten his roots, his mother's struggles and his grandparents struggles. I don't think he needs to reminded how hard it is for many senior citizens to survive on SS. We are talking about a guy who gave up lucrative  job offers from law firms after Harvard law and worked on the streets of Chicago.

      So then why does President Barack Obama wants this?

      It is because the Social Security and Medicare problem is real. It has to dealt with. And he believes he can deal with it causing least amount of suffering.

      There is no guarantee in Politics and Government. If the other side gets complete control, they will deal with the problem in their way and many here will not be able to do much but shout. President Obama wants to deal with this on his own terms and stave off a bigger problem down the road which could lead to drastic actions.

      Simply saying no changes to Social Security and Medicare is not an option any more.

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