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    Safe journey loggersbrat & have fun in Seattle.

    Housetop Inspired~ Helen Rydbeck

    Housetop Inspired~ Helen Rydbeck

    Some of my fav websites

    The Daily Puppy~ can't resist cute puppies

    The Obama Diary~ very pro Obama site, I enjoy the photos and articles.

    Red Pepper Quilts love her vibrant quilts

    Trkingmomoe's Blog~ just discovered that our own Itzl member has a wonderful quilt blog

    Catbird Quilt Studio~ another good quilt blog

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      Pam from Calif

      I almost forget to check in.  I went to the farm yesterday and picked broccoli.  It had rained that morning so it was wet with puddles.  Usually when it rains no one will do "you pick."  But it was very warm out side, actually hot and steamy,  I decided it would be a good time to pick.  I put on old cloths and crappy shoes so I could make the hike through the muck to the patch of broccoli.  

      I got there in the last hour for the picking and no one was out there.  People was just picking up their weekly boxes.  So I trotted out there and one of the volunteers told me to go to another spot that no one had picked at.  This broccoli was small little spears that you cut and they produce more little spears.  I filled my tote bag with 3 plastic grocery bags full.  I was winded getting the tote bag to the car because it was  heavy.  

      Last night I froze it all.  I got some new stuff this time. Scarlet ohno revival turnips and fennel.  I have too many radishes because the family don't normally eat them.  I am going to make radish pickles like I did with the diakon radishes.  The ohno turnips is a Asian salad turnip.  When I get the radish pickles done I will put the recipe and pictures in the queue here for a reserve post.  The diakon pickels are really good.  We have already eaten a jar.  

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