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  •  I can relate (0+ / 0-)

    to every single thing you wrote. Maybe it's just that I'm not a well-established Kossack (though I've read the blog for years until I signed up only recently). But I have been attacked, vilified and insulted for my views on guns---that you and I both share in spades---in that short time. Has that ever happened to you on this subject, or have you dared to post those views before now? It doesn't bother me on a personal level though; I'm just flabbergasted at the crap thrown against walls in the hopes that something sticks in gun threads.

    On point #1, this must be the answer. On the subject of guns, one must be of one of only 2 extremes: all for guns or all against guns. I am neither. Why is it such a stretch that some people---er, some liberals---claim a much broader middle ground, somewhere devoid of absolutes and where sensible discussion and research can be accomplished?

    On point #2, I have stated as much multiple times. Check out all my posts; there aren't that many. Glen le Plumber has dissected them, I would guess, to find a sliver of libertarianism that simply MUST be in me that I have been accused of harboring. Ask Glen. He follows me around. He completes me.

    On machine guns, it is well established that they are extremely restricted---even under the 2A---and have been for almost 100 years. Only a few here know that, and the ones who don't are clearly obvious in their ignorance of those restrictions. So that point is irrelevant to me.

    And now I have what amounts to a "moderator" stalking all my posts simply because they don't like my opinions. DK is seriously compromised by this mentality. It will be severely difficult to establish any civil discourse on this subject for most Kossacks, to their detriment.

    I have seen a definite pattern in just a few diaries on guns, and it is atrocious. Where is any middle ground here?

    •  hey troll...I happen to be an admin at... (1+ / 0-)
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      'shutdown the NRA' and 'firearms law and policy' will find me in many of the gun diaries...doh.

      the only person stalking is you...first you engage me in a day old diary...and now find you running around mentioning me in your comments. say the least.

      We are not broke, we are being robbed. ~Shop Kos Katalogue~

      by Glen The Plumber on Tue Feb 25, 2014 at 02:44:45 PM PST

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