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    First there are ~30,000 gun deaths per year - with suicides making up the largest category, then homicides come in second at ~12,000 - accidental gun deaths are the fewest.  Please don't conflate the statistics - it huts the credibility of all gun control advocates.

    Second, my point is that gun killers comprise a teeny tiny fraction of a percent of the tens of millions of gun owners.  Lumping them all in together is unfair and counter productive.   It really isn't much better than calling all African Americans criminals... it is prejudice.  And prejudice is prejudice - no matter who the victim is.

    [BTW: Attacking those (very few) gun owners who have lost a family member to an accidental gun death is heartless - shame on you.  The fact you even went there suggests you don't really care about people - you just hate gun owners.  Sad.]

    BTW: It is truly sad that I have to keep making this point over and over: The vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding, kind, peaceful, good, loving people.  It is pathetic that people always argue against it   It seems like some people want to cling to their prejudice and hate.   Those (gun owning) people aren't like us - we don't want their kind in our schools.   Think of the children.  If God wanted people to have guns He'd have put them on the ends of our arms!  Sigh.

    Anti-gun-owner bigots interfere with sensible efforts to build consensus and enact meaningful gun control legislation.  I know indulging in righteous indignation is fun and gratifying, but it will not make our society any safer.  

    Finally, there is a product that kills more than 30,000 Americans per year.   No one knows how many of those deaths are murders because it is so easy to cover up a murder using one - ask Laura Bush.

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