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  •  And four to go! (14+ / 0-)

    I worked my way around the group as a lovestruck teen until I was back at the beginning! I started with Paul, then John, Ringo and finally George. I think I was actually afraid of George in a way, he was so mysterious. Years later I was most crazy about John, brilliant, soulful, and a great writer. I still mourn his loss and spend time at Strawberry Fields often. What a loss. Then of course came my George period, so much so that when he died I truly wept. To this day I regularly watch the concert for George and then I loop "I'll See You in My Dreams" sung by Joe Brown until I can't take it anymore. Wait, I am putting it on right now!

    The phone book that comes to our house is very tiny and just has a handful of the neighboring towns. It is fun to use it, the work that goes into it seems exhausting, but it is so charming! I have memories of having to sit on a phone book  in Chicago at restaurants as a little girl.

    Walking the streets of Manhattan is a never ending joy. The buildings, the stoops, the high risers with uniformed doorman flanking the doorways. There really are 9,000,000 stories! Magnificent!

    'ite, omnia incendite et inflammate'

    by sherman54 on Fri Feb 21, 2014 at 07:36:53 AM PST

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