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    Aren't younger people always the most likely to believe in crap like astrology?  I'm 33 now and never bought into it, but when I was younger I knew many who did.  Most of them "grew out of it."  I think the same goes for other man made nonsense like ghosts, where younger people are most likely to believe they exist.

    I wouldn't worry too much about those things.  The biggest plus I see with millenials is their lack of religion.  It's the least religious generation in American history and contrary to popular belief generations actually don't grow more religious as they get older.  This is the driving force that will more or less end the "culture war" IMO in the next decade or two.  We're already seeing it happening with the widespread acceptance of gay rights/marriage equality, pro-legalization of marijuana, etc.  There's plenty to be happy about the younger generation.  They'll grow out of the lingering superstition given time.

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      That would fit in with the idea that acceptance goes up among people who are open-minded and just starting to learn some science, and goes down as they learn to recognize nonsense. Though I can't help having a noxious feeling that many don't really understand global warming or evolution, and just accept them by osmosis.

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