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View Diary: PPP confirms that Gov. Sam Brownback's radical agenda is too much, even for Kansas (39 comments)

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  •  Kossacks should make ousting Brownback a priority (17+ / 0-)

    We should make getting rid of Brownback our top priority:

    1) Paul Davis is a great guy - not only is he going to make a fantastic governor, but he really is genuinely a person of integrity we will be very proud of to have supported

    2) Stick it to the Koch Brothers- show they can't buy this governorship.

    3) If Brownback goes and Sen. Pat Roberts loses his primary, we have a formerly safe seat that will have to be defended - not saying we'll win this Senate seat, but that they'll have to fight for it.

    •   I respectfully disagree; America badly needs to.. (0+ / 0-)

      ...see how crazy the Publicans really are.
      There have been studies demonstrating that when voters are told the straight truth about Publican.extremism, they reject what they're hearing as exaggerations -- Democratic scare propaganda.
      We need an undeniable demonstration of the outcomes if this generation of Publican radicals take more national -- or state -- power than they already have.
      Eight years of Cheney/Bush should have been enough, and wasn't -- we need Kansas as an object lesson.
      And while the cost for Kansas' citizens may be high, all Americans are now paying the price of not having that object lesson.

      •  As a Kansan (0+ / 0-)

        I greatly resent that -

        You do realize there are people who will DIE as a result of what Brownback is doing--

        if he gets his way when he is re-elected, he is going to decimate the social service and mental health systems even more.  These most vulnerable people do not need to be a part of this experiment.

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