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View Diary: Mesa Az. Fire Department taking medical first response to a new level (22 comments)

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  •  I would call the fire department (4+ / 0-)
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    jakedog42, CenPhx, LinSea, kurt

    but I would be very leery of calling the police department and that's a sad state of affairs.

    Ceiling Cat rules....srsly.

    by side pocket on Fri Feb 21, 2014 at 02:15:05 PM PST

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      side pocket, kurt

      the FD won't shoot you if you answer the door with a game controller in your hand. This isn't really new. I am friends with a guy who retired as a Battalion Chief over 20 years ago. Even then only about 25% of their calls were fire related. The most common was washing down the street after a car accident. Second were medical emergencies with fighting fires way down near the bottom. Interesting. Over the last 35 years the number of fires has dropped over 40% while the number of firefighters has increased by over 40%. What's up with that?

      •  Source? (5+ / 0-)
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        jakedog42, wayne, 207wickedgood, Ahianne, kurt

        In reality, firefighters have been increased after several personnel cuts and budget cuts.  The National Fire Protection Agency and other national organizations have suggested that there be 4 firefighters per engine responding to a fire for safety.  Many agencies have adopted this and insurance agencies will give better ratings to cities that adopt this policy.  

        The 4 firefighters for safety is because the departments want a "2 in 2 out" policy meaning that when you have 2 firefighters in a burning building, you should have 2 more ready to back them up or rescue them should a problem happens.  There are also departments that require a "rapid intervention team" for each fire.  This is a group of 2 or more firefighters that are already on scene being ready to go as a firefighter rescue team.  

        The reason for these teams is because house fires are not like they were 20 or more years ago.  They burn hotter due to all the plastic (oil) based materials used in houses and business.  (these burn like a oil fire, very hot, very toxic, very fast).  Also most homes are built very lightly and cheaply.  This means that they burn down faster.  The firefighter has less time to get in, search for victims, and knock down the fire.  

        But may departments are not hiring that much and just send more units if possible to handle the fire.  

        Firefighters today are usually better trained in medical emergencies, and have to handle more hazardous material calls then before.  Not to mention an increase in terror attack awareness.  At least those in big cities and established agencies.

        You would be surprised to find out that most of the fire departments in the U.S. are volunteer.  You will find that most of the areas in the east and south are covered by volunteers.   People like you and me that have other careers but are willing to put their life on the line (often for free) for their fellow citizen.  Many have to pay for their own gear and training because the department lives on donations.  These departments are facing a dearth of volunteers because the local townsfolk have to commute to work out of the area or are too busy in their day to day life to help out.  What is interesting is so many people moving from the city to the rural area don't know this and expect the same services as in the city. This puts additional strain on the departments because they just can't do it.

        It would be nice if your comment was accurate, but I tend to think not.

        With the increase in temperature due to climate change, there will be more wildfires and less water so more firefighters would be a good thing.  

        Two quotes I wish to live by "Strength and Honor" (Gladiator) and "Do or Do Not, There is no Try" (SW-ESB).

        by SQD35R on Fri Feb 21, 2014 at 03:11:07 PM PST

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