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View Diary: Issa Goes Full Benghazi Psycho (171 comments)

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    is Issa's obscene IRS 'non-scandal' Star-Chamber hearings with 'Tea Party' witnesses perjuring themselves under oath, claiming they're 'social welfare' organizations in their fraudulent applications for 501(c)(4) tax exemption, and Issa himself just a tad this side of suborning that perjury by hand-selecting and coaching those 'witnesses'.

    Count the number of times in a day when you hear references in the news to 'Tea Party' primaries, 'Tea Party' candidates and 'Tea Party' officeholders. Then, count the number of times you hear a story about 'social welfare' activity — Mmmm, maybe a bake sale? Visiting the elderly in nursing homes? — by one of these fraudulent outlets for Koch money.

    The press is DEAD.

    Form these words with your lips: alleged arson, insurance fraud, illegal posession of a handgun and auto theft.

    The GOP, in all its righteous, moral splendor.

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