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View Diary: Cubanos Rubio and Cruz are the GOP's Model Latinos [Postscript added] (72 comments)

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  •  Latino, Hispanic, Chicano,... (2+ / 0-) thing in common, we or our parents not only spoke Spanish, they were part of a different culture than "mainstream" America. The value we swam in was actually very similar.  Certainly trivial things were different like the idea of "quinceañera" parties.  These parties were standard throughout with some regional differences.  (I've been to dozens).

    I never encountered anti-Hispanic racism until a came to America.  When I did, I became one with my fellow Hispanic, Latinos and Chicanos in America in ways that I never had thought.

    The Republican party has become the party of racists.  With few exceptions, they are all there since the Southern Strategy.  The Latinos that are sooo Republican come in  two flavors;

    1) Cubanos still pissed off about the Bay of Pigs fiasco (they blame JFK)

    2) Evangelical fundamentalist Latinos who have been brainwashed like most in the evangelical right.  Catholic Latinos are generally Democrats.  Few conservative Catholic Latinos like Santorum.  Ted Cruz's father is both a Cuban and a fundamentalist, rare combination.

    Heck, there are Repug African Americans and Repug poor, and Repug women.  But soon the Repugs will just be racist or totalitarian Christians or Ayn Randists or 1% or war mongers.

    However, after being involved in California Democratic politics I must tell you that being Latino is no guarantee that you are not a "corrupto."

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    by Shockwave on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 08:18:30 AM PST

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