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View Diary: Anyone Can Become A WhatsApp Style Billionaire, But Not Everyone Can (49 comments)

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  •  I get your point but..... (2+ / 0-)
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    out of 300 million Americans (or whatever the number is), only a relative handful have the combination of requisite intelligence, temperament, education, and opportunity to create a successful disruptive invention, app, etc.  

    My own opinion is that in 40 years or so many Americans will not have to work, and the government will have to provide a minimum living salary.  Much of today's labor will be done by robots and computers.  The country, and companies, will be more productive, but a large slice of the country will be unemployable.

    My guess is that the highly educated will still have jobs, and the lower class will continue to do gardening and other menial tasks.  But the middle - the high school grads and so forth - will find themselves replaced by robots and computers.  

    PS:  It is fewer than 100, not less than 100.  I was an English major.

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