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View Diary: BREAKING: Yanukovych Flees Kiev, New Elections In May (269 comments)

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  •  this is a widely shared view here (0+ / 0-)

    that Egyptians aren't ready for democracy.  

    •  It is a racist view. (3+ / 0-)

      The muslim brotherhood was elected because they where the only party seen as the least corrupt.  The deepstate (still run by the military and oligarchs) put a an economic squeeze on the new government.  The opposition (which was part of the previous regime) immediately walked out with some bogus excuse.  

      Egyptians where ready for democracy.  But the US and other nations (such as Israel and Saudi Arabia) where against it.  It was planned from the get go.  Now we have a sham presidential race and a show trial.  

      Next time you should really hold your tongue before saying utterly racist nonsense like "Egyptians aren't ready for democracy."

      •  Yes, it was all Israel's fault. Wait, what?! (1+ / 0-)
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        God.  This place is unreal at times.

        Or, in the lingo of cat macros: Logic: You haz none.

        Take your paranoid I/P fantasies elsewhere.

        "The first drawback of anger is that it destroys your inner peace; the second is that it distorts your view of reality. If you come to understand that anger is really unhelpful, you can begin to distance yourself from anger." - The Dalai Lama

        by auron renouille on Sat Feb 22, 2014 at 02:57:10 PM PST

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      •  Check your reading comp (1+ / 0-)
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        Anastasia Castro

        I didn't say that they aren't ready, I said that a lot of OTHER kossacks think that way.

        Sorry if I wasn't clear.  I totally agree that there are some very racist attitudes on this site

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