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View Diary: The Brain-Trust of Cruz and Krauthammer have declared Climate Change "an unsupported myth" (32 comments)

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  •  So Krauthammer uses the fact that cancer kills.. (1+ / 0-)
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    jamess proof of what?

    Cancer is deadly but big improvement in research/treatment has  made big steps to save patients from dying of it.

    The researchers found that women who got mammograms were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer but that the test did not reduce their risk of dying from the disease.
    The study did not address the use of mammography as a diagnostic tool, which most experts agree is valuable.
    Diagnosis not part of the study.
    Other recent studies have found that advances in breast cancer treatment have eroded some of the benefits of early detection.


    "Modern treatment is so much more effective now that the lead time gained by mammography has little impact on the outcome," Miller said.

    Little impact meaning, again, cancer is still a deadly disease for many diagnosed with it. And that advances in medicine have made it possible to treat those if the cancer isn't too far along; Not that mammograms have been proven useless

     So what Krauthammer has done is pretend that because research and treatments are far more advanced and have greater success today that mammograms and early detection are proven to be a fraud.

    The fact that cancer claims far fewer lives today because of better medicine is the point - which Krauthammer ignores.

    Just as he ignores speaks untruths  (lying and false equivalency) busily engaged in his republican/corpo shilling climate change denialism

     Thx jamess

    P.S. Krauthammer angers me so I went all OT but have followed your work which is excellent and comprehensive - imo

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