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  •  I had a good laugh with Dave Barry (21+ / 0-)

    this morning- The Manliness Manifesto:

    Today everything is convenient. You cook your meals by pushing a microwave button. Your car shifts itself, and your GPS tells you where to go. If you go to a men's public restroom, you don't even have to flush the urinal! This tedious chore is a thing of the past because the urinal now has a small electronic "eye" connected to the Central Restroom Command Post, located deep underground somewhere near Omaha, Neb., where highly trained workers watch you on high-definition TV screens and make the flush decision for you. ("I say we push the button." "Wait, not yet!")
    Things a Man Should Know How to Do:
    How to Survive If You Are Lost in a Forest and Night Is Falling
    17. Since there will be no fire, your only hope of surviving is stay up all night making noises that will keep animals away. Most leading wilderness survival experts recommend that you sing the "Macarena."

    18. You should also do the hand motions because carnivorous animals can see in the dark. You may feel silly, but consider: Not one single person has been killed in the wilderness by animals while doing the "Macarena" since the National Forest Service began keeping records on this in 1902.

    Your beliefs don't make you a better person. Your behavior does.

    by skohayes on Sun Feb 23, 2014 at 05:13:47 AM PST

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