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  •  too many things wrong w/the show (4+ / 0-)
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    does anyone really believe that all you have to do is wheel in carts of paper or tell a congressman how awful it is that they want something in exchange for their vote- and bang- you get them to go along. these are career manipulators not five year olds asking for a cupcake.

    then we have a guy running for governor and drops the whole works because of an encounter w/ a prostitute w/ a bottle of liquor. dont buy that either. he might fall off, but i doubt he would that hard or that quickly.

    then we have a top reporter who starts talking to the FBI w/o a lawyer.  that'll be the day.

    then we have a tape of a woman being crushed by a train. but nothing from a few minutes ago when a guy with glasses and a hat went behind a screen right where she flies threw the air toward the train? guess a tape only works part of the time

    as for the two main characters- whats not to hate? no redeeming qualities-AT ALL. they dont even have a dog.
    and we are told that they have always been this awful, so I havent a clue as to why anyone on the hill or the WH would even let them in their door, let alone strike a deal w/ them.  and just why is this guy a democrat? he sure screws labor, teachers, seniors, and just about all the other dem talking points.

    other than all those things wrong (and there are more) w/ it it has good acting...that just isnt enough.

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