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    I just finished watching both seasons and found it like Machiavelli for today's aspiring power-crazed politicians.  It is addictive, with side effects like depression and despair, at least for me, because, even with quibbles about what was exaggerated or not quite comparable, it is horribly revealing, even to a person like me, already quite cynical about politicians' lies and plots.  I don't think it is about what the human thing to do is, because there are plenty of people in it who resist and even fight against the evil, mostly hurting themselves in the process.  I think it is more about how people willing to do anything and hurt anybody to advance themselves work around all the rules and safeguards that the ethical people honor, and the dishonest ones end up on top.  

    What depressed me particularly is that democracy and representative government have no better alternative and yet fail over and over, not just because people are badly informed or just plain bad themselves, but because government power attracts the ruthless and greedy, who become expert at deceiving the public.  I could not stop watching this series or stop thinking about it, and I imagine it will come back to me again and again as I follow political news.  I also have not been reassured by a somewhat admiring comment by Obama that Frank Underwood certainly gets a lot done.  And the fact that the Chinese are avid followers of this series does not make me think that we are demonstrating to the world how well democracy works.  Of course the Chinese and all the rest of the world already know about how ruthless people take over, and they also probably have a pretty good idea already how unethical our government is.

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