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    You know what? The US has caught up with the rest of the world in creating hard hitting from the heart television shows. This last weekend I did a marathon of the second season of House of Cards and it was amazing and chilling, the kind of raw and gutsy stuff I've seen from the likes of the BBC. I thought I'd hit the peak of creativity and then tonight I got through 3 more episodes of The Newsroom and I broke down and wept because that show in 3 hours was telling more truth than we heard from our network news in the last few years. I saw myself in Jeff Daniel's character Will McAvoy, hauntingly so, the passion for truth and justice, this need to take everyone caught up in the tabloid, reality show, celebrity crap that makes up the majority of the din we are exposed to, grab them by the ears or arms and shake the hell out of them until they wake up and once again find the truth. In this amazing show you see the frustration but undying commitment of true journalists, the ones fighting their network CEO's, people with personal warts and weaknesses that tear them down but somehow they keep punching because they care about other humans.

    I cried a bit too because it is just fiction and I don't know if any of it can become mainstream reality as it must. I don't know if there are enough of us that care to beat the ones that have it all but I'm not giving up. Yeah they're TV shows but they touch your heart, engage your mind, let you know that there are others out there that understand as you do. It's not happy, brainless, stress relieving bullshit that many of us turn to because it's easy and painless. It's what we should demand out of our government, out of our sources of news, out of our entertainment. We need to run the Waltons, the Koch's, the NRA, the elite that can never get enough out of town. We have to turn off and shut up the Rush Limbaugh's, the Ann Coulter's, the purveyors of hate and bigotry, meet them at every public event and shout them down. We need to disassociate ourselves with our greedy, redneck, fundamentalist family members and acquaintances and let them know they embarrass and enrage us with their actions and thoughts much as if they were child molesters or bank robbers.

    Watch House of Cards to see into the heart of the people striving for power and the ends they'll go through to get it and then watch the Newsroom to see how we stop them. We need a thousand Will McAvoys behind anchor desks and as newspaper editors all over the country, men and women simply there to tell the truth without regard to political balance, people once again willing to confront liars and charlatans and stop trying to sell commercial advertising and sensationalism. Rachel Maddow is the closest we have right now. Sadly, next in line are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

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      lots or heart in it, I like that. I'm assuming you were watching the first two seasons of Newsroom, as I don't think there's been a third, or is going to be one. :( I LOVED that show too!

      "A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues." Theodore Roosevelt.

      by StellaRay on Mon Feb 24, 2014 at 03:04:39 PM PST

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