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  •  Two Bitterns hunting the same patch (8+ / 0-)

    said to be uncommon, rare, and solitary...these two were hunting on marsh ground and moving thru green low brush as well as dead rushes.

    When I saw the first one it was perpendicular to the : pattern recognition...somethings different..oh wait!!

    It saw me and lay down on the reeds and disappeared laying on them. I could still see but never would have if not seen it before it camo'ed.

    They both did a wierd thing with the neck fo0lds, they would waggle it sinously at times...very reed in the wind like...part of the camo or to distract an unseen by me did it just before it snagged an insect and before the small mammal.

    I collected quite a nice group of passersby and we all looked at it. Then a girl came by and asked if we had seen the other one 30' away. Nope!

    Then watched them both stalking thru the greens...and at one point I watched thru the binos while one caught and ate a Vole!..and the Bittern's neck 'snaked' before it grabbed it.

    Never in my 68 years of swamp living and wandering have I ever (knowingly seen a Bittern.

    Life List™...and also a first, and actual photos of a Marsh Wren!!..and I managed to milk just enough from three dead camera batteries to get two pics of the Bittern! WooHoo!

    I am digging thru my several hundreds new fuzzy pictures and will post them in DBucket this next week, maybe...

    Good diary Mr Mole. very good and so topical.

    My Green Winged Teal flock had a female who kept dodging back into a bored looking male's face and pecking near him..making some noises too. He looked...'not here, she's watching..later, later...geez. Be cool would ya?'

    OD observed that the females choose the males, so that's maybe what that was. They were in a loose flock where it was common to see three birds consistently swimming together. Man, they are soooo cute.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Sun Mar 02, 2014 at 04:21:20 PM PST

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