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  •  yes, and that shouldn't be and is (6+ / 0-)

    pretty bad for people who are one person income household families.

    Why would the population accept that as "a given"?

    •  Some were deceived. (2+ / 0-)
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      mimi, Charles CurtisStanley

      I remember when I was house-hunting, before I got married, that the "buyer's agent" I was directed to tried to convince me that a home I'd seen was a great deal - and that I could afford the mortgage.

      Which, on paper, was easily more than 3/4 of what I made every month, so I realistically couldn't afford it.

      He repeatedly insisted that I could, apparently disengaging his logic & mathematical reasoning skills in order to so plaintively assert it.

      It was kinda creepy - almost desperate.

      I rejected the whole deal and walked away...a couple years later, when the housing market broke, several "agencies" were among the first to get caught up for pushing bad loans. His wasn't one of them, insofar as I know, but I suspect he took a pretty big hit.

      Many folks who were desperate to get into a home, and who gambled that the economy wouldn't crash out from under them before they got into better, more secure situations, were left high & dry.

      I'd known that my own employment was likely to end soon, and that I would be starting off on my own with little insurance as to a steady income, so I was a lot harder to tempt. Add in my natural distrust of anyone who seemed in denial of reality, and there was little chance I'd get caught up in such a disaster.

      But it was an eye-opener, and distressing.

      •  yes, but here we talk about rents, not a (2+ / 0-)
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        Charles CurtisStanley, GreyHawk

        mortgage. I assume that people who rent mostly can't afford to buy in the first place, or don't know for how long they can stay at the same place to afford to buy.

        I figure that even though I bought into something relatively modest and didn't get into a dependency of mortgage payments I couldn't afford, changing into retirement status and living with less monthly income, forces me to sell. That again is much harder than it ever was due to the real estate market today compared to times before 2008.

        So, there is almost no escape anymore for many people, to not get somewhat "hurt" by the whole situation.

        Way too complicated to find "affordable" rentals, especially in big cities.

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