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View Diary: How Much The Cuts To Unemployment Hurt Those Gainfully Employed In Your State? Yes, Your State. (6 comments)

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    Onomastic, Creosote, Sherri in TX

    I lost benefits in Md Feb 5h and buy nothing. Also max is $430 not $470.  I got a PT job in a grocery store for $7.50 hr for about 16 hrs a week. Most of what I make seems to go to the union.
    Luckily I have quite a bit in a 401K so I will survive, but when I need my retirement  it will be gone. Luckily my wife has a nice govt pension so we will survive.
    I get a letter every week telling me to file for UI because of a pending bill in congress. If a miracle happens I guess I will get a big chunk of back UI but I have no hope that will happen.
    I am 60, go on a lot of interviews but they all say they are interviewing a lot of people, there are not jobs out there for the unemployed to get. This country is a disgrace.
    I worked almost 40 years and never asked for a thing and when I could use help they tell me to go fuck myself.

    •  What a story. (0+ / 0-)

      We need more first person examples to drive home the point that this is not like Bill Clinton's Welfare Bill.  This is like the Great Depression....

      I heard a quip on a radio show, "Who's Line Is It Anyway," where  a caller called in from Southern California and the host made small talk about the drought, and the caller went on how bad it was, and then the host asked if she was going to gather her family into the old family car and move to Oklahoma..

      I don't mean to equate your real life horror with a great quip on an entertainment radio, but I think in a way they are tied together...  Both cut through the noise telling us we are too busy with our own lives to care about others... Both made me think, gosh, we really need to do something, like they did in Ukraine, at least just gather so we can see what harm these Koch principles are doing to us, our nation, our future....

      So keep telling your story... Don't know your religious philosophy, but you are in my prayers now, btw...  hang in there, never give up.  you don't need many chances; you just need one...

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