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View Diary: Will Arizona Gov. Brewer sign bill allowing businesses to turn away gay customers? (105 comments)

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    I laugh when some Christians whine about being oppressed in other countries or even killed.  I mean if you are part of a faith that actively promotes discrimination and even murder based on religious beliefs, one can hardly complain when another faith decides you should be oppressed and even killed.  For instance, if you promote murder because some cells have been removed from a women's body under the guise that the cells have a soul and will be damned, is there any defense against someone of another faith killing you for trying to convert a child from their true faith and damning the born child soul.  If you believe in a religious right to discriminate, then why not others?

    Which is to say that I see long term benefits in laws like this.  Like the KKK, every law that shows how hateful some mainline christians are, for if mainline christians actually preached against these things they would not happen, the cults will fall and be increasingly marginalized.  When churches talk about no one attending service, hate filled spite filled laws such as this are the reason why.

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