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  •  Hugs, blessings and all the white light I can send (4+ / 0-)

    Please keep looking into options.  If you can, see a homeopath or naturopath as well.  It may be possible to reduce the lesions non-surgically.  Please look into healing foods like Bio-Prep algae (here) for example, but definitely consult with a homeopath or naturopath before adding them to her diet.  I dearly hope you can get Rubi through this, and she will be with you physically for years to come.

    You have my sincere and profound sympathy.  I have faced (am still) something very like this with my beloved Merry.  In her case, what was initially thought to be cancer turned out to be something else; still nasty but treatable and survivable, though not without painful cost.  I hope Rubi's resolution is even better than ours was.

    If I can say just one thing more, it would be to look at her diet.  Cancers are sometimes secondary to food allergies and food reactions from what I've read and heard.  A dietary change may help with the lesions.

    Good luck and take care.

    •  she has major allergies. (3+ / 0-)
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      Jon Sitzman, Mr Robert, greengemini

      she is allergic to most meat, all grasses and a lot of shrubs.  i have been cooking her food since she was diagnosed with allergies when she was less than a year old.  she gets chicken, yams, carrots, and green beans along with a limited ingredient kibble of just yams and chicken.  i wonder if she has developed an allergy to the chicken now.  thank you for the homeopathic info and suggestions.  i will investigate.  i hope your dog, merry, does well.  it is so expensive but we just can't stand by and let them die in pain and bewilderment.

      •  You're right. We have an obligation. (2+ / 0-)
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        Mr Robert, greengemini

        I am very happy to hear of the great care you're giving Rubi.  I too feed a specialized diet, and there has been measurable improvement.  Hope you can achieve a similar result.

        Merry is allergic to potatoes and pumpkin... sounds like you don't feed those, but do be careful of them.

        What breed is Rubi, if known?

        •  she is a mutt with a mohawk. (3+ / 0-)
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          Mr Robert, greengemini, Jon Sitzman

          she was advertized from the pound as a rhodesian ridgeback mix.  she has the ridge alright, but it starts with the characteristic whirl on the top of her head and stands up down her back, like a mohawk.  i had never seen a dog with a mohawk and had to have her.  the dna testing  cracked me up.  no primary or secondary dna, but in tertiary she showed german short hair, cocker spaniel, and doberman!  she looks like a cross between a ridgeback and perhaps a shepherd, a warm golden brown, short haired, 66 lb beautiful little being. perhaps i am biased.  teehee.

          •  Please give her scruffles from me (1+ / 0-)
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            art ah zen

            She sounds gorgeous!

            How much was the DNA testing?  I would be interested in seeing what my girls came back.

            •  it was about $150 back then (0+ / 0-)

              about 3 years ago.  i see on the net that there are a lot more options now and the prices seem to have come down.  i don't know how accurate i think it was but it was fun anyway.

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