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View Diary: No one wants to drive out to Walmart stores anymore (325 comments)

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  •  Sort of what I do. We have a Big Lots next door (9+ / 0-)

    to Wally World, and while I do hit WW for things (mostly paper goods), I'll look in BL first, and buy there when possible, just so I'm not giving WW my money. Of course, the chains probably buy from the same distributors...

    Others have remarked on Wal-Mart's stocking problems, and I have to agree. There used to be a chain called Value City, of which nothing remains but their furniture division. VC was one of those places that resells things that haven't sold elsewhere--not all junk, either; I bought a number of suits and a serviceable polyester tux there (I don't feel so bad getting it all sweaty, whereas I would with wool.) Problem was, VC had what they had when they had it. Go in one week and they were stocking something yummy in their little gourmet food section. Go back in a week and they had nothing I wanted. Ross stores' food sections are much the same way.

    Seems like whatever it is I like/need at Wal-Mart, it won't be available there for long. Even if that's for legitimate reasons, it makes me regard them as a two-bit operation, albeit a two-bit operation that carries items unavailable or for twice the price elsewhere.

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