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  •  Urban centers are (mostly) fine without Walmart (0+ / 0-)

    except for the food deserts. That might be the only niche that isn't already at market saturation. Plus, Target is already way ahead of Walmart on urban planning. By like, 3 years at least. They have already built several low square footage, urban stores and have realized that A) young people are flocking to the cities and don't like to drive, and this isn't going to change and B) mixed used buildings are the future, so they are building stores in mixed apartment/retail spaces. Perfect example is the Dinkytown location Target is building near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. It's perfect, there is nothing meeting the demand of 10,000+ college and grad students (plus other faculty and university employees) in the area. Walmart is late to the game and urbanites already hate it - that's one of the reasons why we don't live in the burbs!

    If Walmart builds a store in North Minneapolis (the most economically deprived area in Minneapolis, which retailers have been avoiding for the past 30 years), that is the only place I see them having any success. Too many people have to rely on gas station food there. But the rest of the city has long-standing, local options and we know the owners in many cases. We have no reason to switch. And there's no advantage to going to one place for everything because, being in an urban center, the individual stores are already as close to each other as they would be inside a Walmart building anyway!

    Is fheàrr fheuchainn na bhith san dùil

    by bull8807 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 07:13:22 AM PST

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