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  •  first phase accomplished, free speech=counter- (2+ / 0-)
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    Galtisalie, Diane Gee

    propaganda/education. Standing in the Declaration of Independence was an accomplishment- the necessary foundation. Second phase not there yet as to strategy still requires further education. Following on free speech as education, the identification of Citizens United points to two issues. The corruption which Occupy retreated from, and now must be addressed by a winning strategy as either a single issue movement such as abolition. temperance, womens suffrage, etc. or a multi-issue movement such as Huey Long's Share the Wealth or MLK poor people's/antiwar campaign. Second issue is the Court that issued CU. Judicial supremacy has been a constant complaint since Jefferson critiqued Marbury, then Jacksonism, Dred Scott caused the civil war, was part of Bryan's campaigns, dominated the 1912 campaign and FDR's four horsemen. The stripping of court juridiction to review anticorruption legislation addresses the immediate crisis of Court tyranny over the electorate and the elected branches.

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