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View Diary: If Hillary Is the Only Candidate, Where Does She Stand on Keystone XL? (71 comments)

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    but this is still a real divide, and the thing is that climate change is now obvious, and becomes more consistently obvious, sad to say. That's why it's game change in the past even 12 months, with the arctic patterns, there is no one in the US who hasn't experienced weird weather, and that trumps GOP denial.  

    Rachel Carson wrote The Silent Spring sixty years ago, and little changed in awareness.  But just in the past year the change has been vast because the weather has changed that much.  It's bad news, but good news for rational thinking. It's now in everyone's back yard.

    As far as Hillary, she's actually a lot like Obama, meaning she's normal and isn't at all crazy, and she's not full of her own self-importance.  She's professional, she hires competent and talented people, and they like her because she's normal, no temper, practical, and she doesn't take credit for someone else's work.  She hopes to be a grandmother, she doesn't want to wreck the planet.  

    On trade issues, she's always been more protectionist than Bill or Obama, her main idea is to foster human rights through trade agreements, she thinks women's rights and abilities to earn are what's needed to change nation's politics.  So there are always standards, and those standards are modeled on what's required here.  She thinks that's the level playing field, they may be able to pay their workers less, but it has to be decent for their cost of living, and not have more dangerous working conditions or no health care, or crushing hours.  

    You can trust that she'll take what she thinks (and others, she doesn't think without experts) is the best option.  She'll cut the best deals she can.

    I guess having only one person who is slated to win is scary, and once she announces she'll answer all these questions, but if she did now, she'd be running against President Obama, and that would be rude. She'd never undermine his last years by disagreeing with him on anything important.  And he'll campaign for her.

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