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View Diary: Okay-to-discriminate laws rocket to the top of the Republican agenda (83 comments)

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    It's really beyond my suspension of disbelief that any decent person would be willing to support these laws. When even Jan Brewer may not be willing to take a political hit for that signing such a law, however, I am encouraged that these efforts are almost certainly doomed to fail at the state level, and if not, killed in the federal courts. The only other potential upside I can see is that Republicans are spouting some of most godawful nastiness I can remember hearing ("Pregnant women are 'hosts!'" "I should be able to shoot anyone who crosses my south Texas land if I think he's a [ugly word for undocumented immigrant]!" ahead of the 2014 elections. The major downside is even that may not be enough to keep them out of power.

    "Moderate" Republicans are like concern trolls; Tea Partiers are like keyboard-igniting, foam-flecked, enraged clown trolls. I can't help but believe that sooner or later, the banhammer of the DailyKos that is our Nation is going to fall on both.

    [Apologies for the strained analogy.]

    "Seeing Leela fly off the Hexadecapus and crash through the moon dome and survive inside a stuffed animal by breathing a balloon was a dose of reality." Farewell, Futurama--I will avenge you!

    by IamGumby on Tue Feb 25, 2014 at 11:22:18 AM PST

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