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View Diary: Okay-to-discriminate laws rocket to the top of the Republican agenda (83 comments)

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    drmah, Calamity Jean

    I fear that they might actually uphold them- with corporations now being people, my friend.  I don't know how they will rationalize it but I'm sure that some of them will.  Maybe Roberts will overcompensate and try to "make up" for his ACA ruling by throwing the right a bone and voting to uphold it.  If I felt that most of the Justices were ruling on purely Constitutional grounds, not ideological ones, I'd sleep a whole lot better at night but some of them I think make up their minds based on their ideology and then dig into the Constitution to try to find some kind of justification for it no matter how weak it might be- sort of like how Bush, Cheney, et. al "fixed facts around a policy" and not the other way around.    

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