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View Diary: US Obesity Rate for Ages 2-5 Plummets 43% (51 comments)

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  •  Sarah Palin is going to cry over all (19+ / 0-)

    the babies being denied the chance to eat happy meals thanks to Michelle.  Long term this is the biggest accomplishment of the Obama Presidency.

    •  yes (11+ / 0-)
      Long term this is the biggest accomplishment of the Obama Presidency.
      And the ACA is the first major step towards single payer healthcare.
      •  You probably cannot attribute all of it to Obamas (10+ / 0-)

        After all, the study compares 2004 with 2012. Less than half of that time was under Obama.

        Also, even in Obama's time, much of the decline is probably due to the economy (poor people, among whom obesity is more prevalent, eating less overall).

        That being said: tipped and recced. The First Lady has definitely made her contribution to this.

        •  Obesity in the U.S. is mostly a product of poverty (2+ / 0-)
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          ericlewis0, Sharon Wraight

          Empty calories are stunningly cheap.  There are about 9000 calories in a 5 pound bag of white flour or sugar that costs under $3.00.  Even as processed foods, adequate calories aren't expensive.  Adequate nutrition is another matter.

          Agree that Michelle Obama deserves credit.  But I suspect that it may have as much to do with their parents being less car-dependent than people a few years older as it does with better nutrition.

          You push toddlers around in a stroller, they eventually want to walk a little.   They are not being fed Cheerios to keep them quiet while mommy and daddy drive.

        •  doubtful (3+ / 0-)
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          ericlewis0, Lava20, Cambridgemac

          "poor people, among whom obesity is more prevalent, eating less overall."

          makes sense at first. People who say "people on SNAP get plenty of food--see how fat they are?" make same now those people are more poor they eat less and aren't fat anymore?

          Disagree. In the US we have enough food that almost anyone can eat...something. To the extent that the underclasses eat too much CHEAP food...cereals, starch. Potatoes Rice pasta etc. Not enough vegetables and lean meat and milk for the kids. Too many carbs lead to obesity and insulin resistance and a cycle that can lead to diabetes. The poor didn't eat too much before the recession to make them fat and then eat less so they are thinner.

          It is not at all likely that the recession caused poor people to eat less calories. Rather, it is likely that more people became poor and without intervention would have eaten cheap starches. THere have been interventions to induce quality (fresh veg) into the diets of the poor as well as information that reaches poor middle class and wealthy parents that teaches and helps them feed their kids more healthy diets.

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