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    You're right. "I was doing it wrong" is not the same as "I am sorry." Apology is the wrong word. However, as I've posted before, I do think Ray thought he was trying to correct what he saw as a problem (agents/infiltrators/organized trolls) in the best way he thought he could. When others pointed out the drawbacks of his approach, he listened to them and modified his approach accordingly. To me, that's better than an apology. "I am sorry" means nothing to me, but a commitment to do something differently in the future is meaningful when followed up by action.

    To me, Ray's emphasis on questioning the motives of those critical of his diaries was the problem. In general, I think questioning people's motives during debate is not productive and tends to be the root of most contentiousness on this site. Ray's approach exemplified this- he established a running theme in his diaries of "building awareness" that there were probably bad actors out there attempting to disrupt dialogue and interfere with his message. While he very well may have been correct (there might be, and indeed evidence exists for bad actors on political blogs, from recent news), his strategy of seeking them out was alienating well-intentioned critics by painting them with the same brush. This was a bad approach with a lot of drawbacks.

    With this diary, he acknowledged that it was, indeed, a bad approach, and stated his intention to change. He followed that up with some actions in not questioning people's motives for criticising him in the comments. That's good enough for me for today, and we'll see about tomorrow and the days following.

    "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." --Ed Abbey

    by progreen on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 08:37:14 AM PST

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